Homeopathy Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis Online-Homeopathy Medicine for Allergic Rhinitis

Homeopathy Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis Online-Homeopathy Medicine for Allergic Rhinitis

Here we shall discuss about homeopathy treatment of Allergic Rhinitis online and what is the homeopathy medicine of Allergic Rhinitis.

In homeopathy treatment there are some excellent medicine for Allergic Rhinitis but before the homeopathy treatment of Allergic Rhinitis online you will have to know the cause of Allergic Rhinitis and what homeopathy says about Allergic Rhinitis.

Homeopathy Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis Online-Homeopathy Medicine for Allergic Rhinitis


Allergic rhinitis is the inflammation of nasal passage, usually associated with watery nasal discharge and itching of nose.

Allergic rhinitis can occur at any age and usually occurs after years of repeated inhalation of allergic substances. View Causes of Allergic Rhinitis.


Quick Look

  • Sneezing in bouts
  • Copious, watery nasal discharge
  • Itching in nose
  • Itching, redness and watering from eyes


If not treated, Allergic rhinitis can complicate into:

  • Sinusitis: Where the air sinuses around the nose can get infected.
  • Asthma: Where allergy can begin to affect airways of the lungs and cause breathlessness and wheezing.
  • Otitis Media: Where there is infection in the middle ear.


  • Homeopathic Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis has more than 200 preventive and curative medicines that work very well for persons of all ages.
  • Every remedy is carefully prescribed on the basis of the patient’s history and the correct homeopathic medicine can even prevent spread of infections.


How often do you suffer from bouts of sneezing or an itchy running nose? Does your day begin with bouts of severe sneezing? Are you always affected in any particular weather?

If YES, then you are suffering from nasal allergy or Allergic Rhinitis.

Allergic rhinitis is an allergic reaction of the body to certain substances allergens that we breathe in.

Our immune system protects our body from harmful viruses, bacteria and other substances that enters our body. Allergic reaction is when our immune system overreacts to these allergens producing a cluster of distressing symptoms.

Homeopathy has the potential benefit of relieving a large number of patients from the misery of allergic reaction in general and allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy) in particular. It focuses on the body’s immune system by reducing hypersensitivity to the allergens

Over a period of time, the patient reacts less aggressively to the triggers and gets better adapted to his environment. 90% of patients who are suffering from allergies can become normal with correct homeopathic treatment.



  • Sneezing in bouts
  • Copious, watery nasal discharge
  • Itching in nose
  • Itching, redness and watering from eyes

The onset of symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis may be gradual or sudden depending upon the degree of exposure to a particular allergen.
The most characteristic symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis are

Paroxysmal sneezing

Nasal discharge which is clear and copious with itching

Post nasal drip (when nasal mucus is produced in excess and tends to “drop back” into the throat)

Nasal congestion and obstruction

Decreased sense of smell

Itching and redness of eyes with watering

Discomfort in ears

Constitutional symptoms include fatigue, loss of weight and decreased appetite.


Seasonal and perennial allergens are the most common causes of Allergic Rhinitis. Seasonal allergic rhinitis occurs during pollen season. Perennial allergic rhinitis occurs throughout the year and is commonly seen in younger children.

Tree, grass and ragweed pollen are primarily seasonal outdoor allergens. Tree and flower pollen are more prevalent in the spring, while grasses and weeds produce more pollen in the summer and fall months.

Indoor allergens such as the dried skin flakes, urine and saliva found on pet dandermolddroppings from dust mites and cockroach particles also cause allergic rhinitis.

In addition to allergen triggers, causes of Allergic Rhinitis also include irritants such as smoke and strong odorschanges in temperature and humidity of the air.


Allergic rhinitis can have a significant impact on daily activities and performance in school.

If not treated, it may lead to complications such as Sinusitis and Otitis Media.

Sinusitis: If allergic rhinitis is not treated or treated improperly, infection from the nose can proceed into the sinuses surrounding the noses causing sinusitis.

Bronchial Asthma: Allergic Rhinitis is a disease characterized by hypersensitivity to certain factors. This can also trigger a similar hypersensitivity (allergy) in the airways of the lungs and trigger breathlessness, cough and wheezing leading to Bronchial Asthma.

Otitis Media: Infection from the nose may also spread to the middle ear through a connecting tube called Eustachian tube and cause infection called otitis media.


  • Immunity is a protective process to overcome infectious agents and toxins. But when the immune system begins to react excessively, Allergy results.
  • The goal of homeopathic treatment for Allergic Rhinitis is to normalize this very tendency of the immune system and the right homeopathic remedy can achieve this in a gentle and long-lasting way!
  • Homeopathic treatment for Allergic Rhinitis helps even in prevention of further attacks and complications.



  • Identify the cause or allergen and try to avoid it.
  • Keep a diary and try to trace a pattern or relation between your allergic reaction and the allergen. For instance – Constant sneezing while doing housework indicates that a person is allergic to house dust.
  • Allergens can be avoided by choosing unprocessed food and checking food labels for additives.
  • Try to avoid stress, anxiety and tension as these can influence the frequency and severity of symptoms
  • In case of severe breathlessness, giddiness or feeble pulse, visit your nearest physician
  • Breastfeed your baby for the first 6 months to strengthen their immune system and prevent them from infections


Warm fluids like tea or chicken soup, will help to clear the airways by aiding liquefication of mucus.

A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is found abundant in fish, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin, and flax seeds will lower the risk of developing allergies in kids and adults.

Certain foods like yogurt are naturally rich in healthy bacteria. They are called probiotics and help to boost immunity and reduce chances of infections.

Kids and adults who are sensitive to certain food products like egg, milk, peanuts should avoid consuming them to prevent the body from developing hives and swelling.

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